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Teralight’s TLT Academy delivers 3G Training to Roshan Telecom

TLT Academy, the professional training services arm of Teralight, a telecoms technology and professional services company, has announced the successful completion of its 3G series of professional trainings at Roshan Telecom’s headquarters.

TLT Academy’s 4-day 3G technology boot camp provided personalized training to Roshan Telecom’s Operations, Core Network, Transmission Planning, PMO, and IT departments, among others. Participants received their completion certificates at the end of the training. The participants in the training included representatives from various levels of Roshan Telecom’s corporate hierarchy, including directors, managers, engineers, and specialists.
The participants of the 3G training were trained in various aspects of the 3G technology, including introduction to 3G technology, standards, radio access network, transport network, core network, and planning. They were also given an overview of the regional trends in 3G technology as well as Afghanistan’s market compared to the other markets in the region.

Roshan Telecom is currently the cellular market leader in Afghanistan, with over 5 million active subscribers and a network that covers over 230 cities and towns in all of the country's 34 provinces. 3G service appears to be the next big opportunity for the cellular operators.  Having witnessed plausible growth, with over 65 percent teledensity and more than 85 percent population coverage, the Afghanistan market has considerable potential to benefit from 3G services. 
TLT Academy has been providing technology trainings that are tailored to meet client requirements, ranging from business operations, technology integration, technology and network planning, and a myriad of other high-interest areas. The Academy is designed to target a niche segment within the ICT sector to meet its technology capacity-building needs. The training division of Teralight, TLT Academy aims to be the leading value-adding resource for its clients throughout the MENA region and beyond by providing training and development in cutting edge technologies and strategic management consultancy services to help organizations realize cost efficiencies and effective business planning.

About Teralight
Founded in 1998, Teralight, Ltd. is a technology and managed services company, with a highly developed and diversified business portfolio. Teralight’s specialty is in providing carrier-grade ICT solutions to Service Providers, Government, Defense and Large Enterprise clientele. Teralight has an extensive list of Vendor Agreements to provide the current and next-generation telecommunications equipment and software for advanced cost effective solutions. Its corporate programs target revenue assurance, convergence strategies, and efficiency management of key infrastructure assets for international telecommunications companies.

About TLT Academy
TLT Academy is a Professional Training Division of Teralight Ltd. FZ LLC and is a leader in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa for customized and bespoke Information Communication Telecommunications instructor-led trainings. The substantial and specialized disciplines of its training instructors and consultants encompass the full range of new and emerging wireless technologies, enterprise applications, and security technologies. TLT Academy provides telecoms training courses to Public Network Operators, Telecommunications Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Media Providers, Equipment Suppliers, Local and Central Government. The Academy is based in Dubai, but train around the world, typically at customer sites.