Cisco Systems joins SAMENA Council's Membership 2014/08/21

Cisco Systems joins SAMENA Council's Membership

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that one of the worldwide leaders in networking for the Internet, Cisco Systems, has joined its membership, which includes some of the largest telecoms groups, global telecommunications and wireless technology providers, Internet companies, knowledge contributors, as well as public-sector entities.

Cisco Systems' decision to become a member of the South Asia - Middle East - North Africa Telecommunications Council comes at a time when greater cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders within the evolving digital value-chain has begun to take a more aggressive and goal-driven turn toward the future.
Moreover, the opportunities that exist within the core region in which SAMENA Council operates present a need for the world's largest technology providers, such as Cisco, to work with a telecommunications and ICT interest group, that is SAMENA Council, which can provide a wide range of strategic and cooperative support, required today to carry out investment-centric decision-making, and in tapping those opportunities.

According to the CEO of the SAMENA Council, Bocar A. BA, "Cisco's decision to join SAMENA Council is a strategic decision for both organizations, especially given the myriad of industry issues that require collective resourcefulness of all players of the industry. Similar to SAMENA Council's mandate of carrying out work in support of the communications industry through collaboration and by expanding possibilities of new cooperation, Cisco Systems is also committed to creating and fostering a diverse, innovative, and collaborative environment. Such similarity in aims can be a catalyst for making positive contributions and inspiring further collaboration within our industry not only on technology but policy matters as well."

“Cisco's decision to become a member of the SAMENA Council is a reflection of our commitment to collaborating with other global technology providers, governments and policy bodies to digitally transform South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa driving growth and enhance social and economic well-being, said Pastora Valero, Head of Government Affairs, Cisco Systems EMEAR. “We believe that technology and education are the two great equalizers in life. Digitization, if harnessed by both the private and public sectors, can allow the regions supported by SAMENA to position themselves as leading developing economies.”

Having become a member of the SAMENA Council, Cisco Systems will be able to leverage the Council's regional and international reach as well as advocacy support programs, which are designed to promote digitization in the region, encourage investment in broadband infrastructure, approach regulatory and industry governance matters from transparent and consensus-driven perspectives, and to enable close communication among all the stakeholders.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s membership platform, since its creation, has generated new approaches for better dealing with telecoms and pertinent regulatory challenges as well as for fulfilling growing customer needs in the market. The entire SAMENA team welcomes Cisco Systems and looks forward to working together, closely.

About Cisco Systems
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SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia - Middle East - North Africa (SAMENA) region’s sole operator-driven industry association that represents telecommunications service providers from around the region, and beyond. SAMENA is a not-for-profit organization, with membership comprising more than 90 leading regional and international organizations. Headquartered in the UAE, SAMENA was founded in 2006, chaired by Dr. Nasser Marafih and led by Mr. Bocar A. BA. SAMENA collaborates with leading non-profit international organizations, including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Telecom Network Operators’ Association. With an expanding member portfolio, the Council is quickly securing strong footing in the region. SAMENA's current network consists of 25 countries from South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. However, organizations from countries of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America also form part of the SAMENA membership.

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