Coleago Consulting joins SAMENA Telecommunications Council as member 2011/11/16

Coleago Consulting joins SAMENA Telecommunications Council as member
SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that Coleago Consulting Ltd has become its member. Coleago is a highly specialized management consulting and training firm serving the needs of the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. Coleago consists of a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals. The firm was set up by Stefan Zehle and Graham Friend in 2001. Clients include Orange, Ofcom, Qtel, Telenor, Vodafone, Optus, Wataniya, MTN, Telecom Malagasy, O2, Telkomsel, SabaFon, Zain, Idea Cellular and many others.

Coleago’s experienced consultants closely work with clients to help them develop their strategy and optimize their performance across their entire business. Coleago Consulting services include spectrum consultations and auctions; due diligence; performance improvement including cost reduction and network audit; regulatory advice including cost modeling, interconnect agreements, ROIs and accounting separation; strategy and business planning including multi-brand wholesale strategy and MVNOs. Coleago also provides training services for telecom companies and the most popular training course is the 4-Day Telecoms Mini-MBA, an in-house course for operators. Other training services include the Mobile Operator War Game, Business Modeling, and Telecoms Regulation & Cost Modeling.

Mr. Bocar A. BA, President of SAMENA, commenting on Coleago’s joining SAMENA said that Coleago makes its clients at home to drive strategy and optimize performance across the entire business by the experienced consultants. He added that Coleago’s joining SAMENA as member is a great success. Mr. Bocar also extended sincere welcome to Coleago and said that we will provide the platform to Coleago for experience sharing and expanding its horizons, and be part of the SAMENA’s meetings and conference. This will facilitate Coleago in educating its clients and guide professionals to face the challenges in day to day business.

Mr. Stefan Zehle, CEO of Coleago Consulting, commented that SAMENA provides an excellent forum to debate the evolution of the telecommunication industry in the region. We hope to share some of our findings, notably with regards to spectrum auctions in the context of the growth in mobile broadband and also how operators can respond to the challenge of maturing markets through operational performance improvement.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia - Middle East - North Africa (SAMENA) region’s sole operator-driven industry association that represents telecommunications service providers from around the region, and beyond. SAMENA is a not-for-profit organization, with membership comprising more than 80 leading regional and international organizations. Headquartered in the UAE, SAMENA was founded in 2006, chaired by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Isa Al Khalifa and led by Thomas Wilson. SAMENA collaborates with leading non-profit international organizations, including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Telecom Network Operators’ Association. With an expanding member portfolio, the Council is quickly securing strong footing in the region. SAMENA's current network consists of 25 countries from South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. However, organizations from countries of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America also form part of the SAMENA membership.

About Coleago Consulting Ltd
Coleago Consulting provides telecoms consulting services and training to operators, regulators and investors in the telecoms, media and technology sectors. Our team comprises only highly experienced, industry experts, with at least 14 years experience and many with more than 25 years. This experience has been gained in developed markets but also in some of the most challenging emerging markets of the world, often in CxO roles. This breadth and depth of experience allows us to provide unparalleled insight, advice and support. Coleago’s skills are concentrated in the areas of strategic and business planning, market research and forecasting, business modeling, regulatory advice, network design and performance improvement, training, license bids, and due diligence. For further information about Coleago please visit